Code Of Conduct

TALLYCoST are a supplier of telephone systems and telephonic services to the small residential user and SME (Small Medium Enterprises) of the Business Sector.

We provide an installation service and after sales including the supply of Voice and Data traffic throughout the United Kingdom.

We offer most services associated with the mainstream services however, we like to offer a real voice at the end of the telephone without the need to push several digits whilst trying to establish contact with Customer Services.

Our Strategy

We try to offer to our customers and partners as broad a base of services as possible, enabling them to put as much business our way whilst enjoying the benefits of better pricing from their greater spending power.

Customer Focus

All our products have the backing of our organisational staff who, are dedicated to providing the best possible service available and are seeking to continually improve on past performance.

We actively seek feedback and indeed we reward customers who refer customers to ourselves as part of our ongoing organic growth.

Original Complaint

If you should have a complaint, in the first instance you should write to Customer Services at TALLYCoST Ltd, Skegness Business Centre Heath Road Wainfleet Road Industrial Est. Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 3SJ. Detailing your concerns and providing as much information as possible to support your complaint. TALLYCoST will endeavour to resolve your concerns within 12 weeks of first contact or in the event that we can not do so, we may ask you to contact CISAS for an independent Arbitrator to undertake a review of your case.

Any complaints about our service should in the first instance be directed at or ring your Account Manager at 01754 820 997 who can in most instances resolve your concerns.

In the event that a dispute cannot be resolved, through normal channels, you may contact CISAS twelve weeks after the complaint was first made or if we issue a letter saying that the complaint has reached deadlock with you. CISAS whom we are registered with and we abide by their dispute resolution process as detailed at


Any Refund Due will be paid via Company Cheque on 30 days after any Ruling less any deductions or outstanding payments not previously made.

The Code and its Purpose

The purpose of this code is to provide full information about your relationship with us. For a copy of this code please Download it free from, or request a copy by post. Contact Details TALLYCoST Ltd, Skegness Business Centre Heath Road Wainfleet Road Industrial Est. Skegness, Lincolnshire PE25 3SJ Details about us are on our web site and we will endeavour to keep this site updated with information and compliance with current Regulations. There may be changes on this web site from time to time for this reason.

TALLYCoST are a member of CISAS, who are based at CISAS, c/o The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 12 Bloomsbury Square London WC1A 2LP E-mail: Tel: 020 7421 7444.

TALLYCoST is regulated by OFCOM ( whose contact details are as follows: Ofcom Contact Centre Riverside House 2a Southwark bridge road London SE1 9HA Tel 0845 456 3000 / 020 7981 304 Fax 0845 456 3333 E-mail

Range of Services

You will find a full range of services offered on our website or please contact sales if you need any more information on 01754 820 997. We encourage all customers to sign a contract with ourselves for a predefined period minimum 12 months. However, where customers wish to explore an informal arrangement we try to oblige, whilst offering the same quality of service.

Standard charges are listed on our website however some contracts may carry different rates depending on volume or payment terms. All bills are produced monthly and are itemised. Payment methods include Debit Card, Credit Card, BACS, cheque.

Line rental is in advance and calls are 30 days in arrears. Payment is due 7 days thereafter. A late payment charge of £20 applies to each invoice paid late (at our discretion).

All Products and Services are made as a single supply and your account may be closed or suspended if any sum due is not paid or is in arrears. Reconnection charges may apply in this instance.


Although we attempt to provide a quality service, we cannot guarantee that all products and services will never be faulty. We do, however undertake to correct all faults as soon as we reasonably can. If there is a fault on your service, contact Customer Services on 01754 820 997 or e-mail

Termination of Contracts

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend services according to our terms and conditions. A copy of which is signed for by both parties at start of business and a copy kept by customer and ourselves. Customers have the right to cancel their contract by giving the notice period detailed in the terms of their contract or in the absence of a signed contract between the parties, a 3 month written notice period sent by registered post to our trading address as shown on our standard invoices.

Your Rights and Obligations

Your terms and conditions are as detailed in the contract between the parties. Data Protection Act We are registered under the data protection act to record and hold information on our customers. A copy of this registration is available for inspection. TALLYCoST adheres to marketing and sales guidance dictated by OFCOM and FCS. We will make all legal documents available upon request and will endeavour to use plain English wherever possible.

Social Responsibility

TALLYCoST will endeavour to make provision of services where possible, to vulnerable groups e.g. minors, disabled or elderly consumers and welcome enquiries from this sector. Review and Approval of Code(s) The code will be under review on a regular basis and in accordance with OFCOM requirements.